Shrimp - A Wonder Food

We all care a lot about our heart. After all, it makes us rethink what we eat. When it comes to shrimp especially, it has been victimized with the notion that it contains high levels of cholesterol. We feel that the understatement of the benefits of this wonder food has to be put right, once and for all!

1) It is far too commonly misunderstood that shrimp consumption alleviates cholesterol to dangerous levels. However, recent studies by Rockefeller University in New York and Harvard University have discovered that eating shrimp does indeed increase cholesterol levels - but the good kind (HDL)!

2) Scientifically put, the results of a shrimp diet produces a lower ratio of LDL to HDL cholesterol than a normal egg diet. This simply implies that shrimp consumption does not and will not adversely affect the overall lipoprotein profile. There is a lot more one could boast about the riches within this shelled beauty- such as its high content in Omega 3 fatty acids, protein calcium, iodine, selenium and. Hence, shrimp is no cardiovascular foe; rather your heart very much desires it!

The 'Crest of Crustaceans', as we prefer to call it at Kenzen Foods, is one of the richest sources of nutrition available both on and off-shore. So the next time you munch on a piece of scrumptious barbecued shrimp, fret not about the harms it could bring to your health – but the benefits!

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